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When booking a face painter please take note of their health and safety practices, quality of kit and cleanliness of work area. As standard we always use 1 sponge per face, clean water and ensure we uphold high levels of health and safety. Often prices reflect our training, dedication, experience and quality of hygiene. All budgets considered please contact LiAnne Priest for more information without obligation.

To book an event or to simply enquire please use the contact page. You can either contact LiAnne Priest direct using the mobile telephone number provided, find us on Facebook using the link or fill out the contact form.  Elemental Artistry-Fun 2 C Faces pride our selves with excellent high standards of hygiene. Holding public liability insurance of 5 million, child safeguarding, health and safety at work and beauty and body art trained, we offer a range of knowledge and experience crucial for any booking.  

Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces
Health and safety policy 2018

NOTE - DO NOT use baby wipes to remove face paint, it is not best practice.

A clean sponge per face, clean water per face as standard.   

    • Without prejudice, Elemental Artistry - FUN 2 C FACES– Li Priest/ artists   reserve the right to refuse to paint/ glitter tattoo anyone we feel should not be painted. We also reserve the right not to paint anything we consider to be offensive symbols or subjects.
    • The artist will not agree to paint/ glitter tattoos any child who has or appears to have a Skin Condition or Infectious Bacterial or a fungal condition.    Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure a clean and safe area to work in, Elemental Artistry - FUN 2 C FACES– Li Priest/ artists   cannot accept liability or responsibility for damage to persons or belongings in or out of the working area.
    • It is important for parents / guardians/ adults to inform us if a person has sensitive skin BEFORE we paint/ glitter tattoo them. We are able to carry out a small skin test on the inside of the arm and this procedure will usually take about 20 minutes to determine whether a reaction occurs. If there is not a reaction we will paint/ glitter tattoo the person with permission of the carer/ parent/ adult.
    • We will not paint/ glitter tattoos anyone who appears to be influenced by alcohol or drugs, and will refuse to paint anyone who is verbally or physically abusive.
    • We only use the best professional Diamond FX, Chameleon, Mehron, TAG, Global, Y’Body, Stargazer, Snazaroo, Paradise, Grimas, Fantasy, Wolfe, and Kryolan water based / crème Face Paints/ glitter tattoo products which contain anti bacterial/hypoallergenic properties, and are specifically for use on the face and body. These paints and glitters conform to EC and US standards for cosmetics.
    • Adhesive used for glitter tattoos is an EC approved medical adhesive use for prosthetics.
    • Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not be held liable for any reactions due to nut allergies. If your child or child you are caring for has a nut allergy no matter if it’s small or a large allergy, then the carer/ parent/ adult of that child is responsible for the decision to allow the child to be painted.Elemental Artistry -  Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not accept liability/ responsibility for any adverse reactions caused by their products.
    • For hygiene reasons we ask that all children/ customers are presented with a clean face/ area to paint, this ensures us to check if the area we are painting is safe to be painted.
    • All brushes are rinsed and clean sponge will be used after each person. The water is changed regularly.
    • All sponges are washed at high temperatures in the washing machine before re using them. Anyone with allergies to sponges should check brand usage first. Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not accept liability/ responsibility for any adverse reactions caused.
    • Parents/ guardians/ adults are responsible for the own child and are expected to stay with them at all times.
    • Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   are not child minders and will not except liability/ responsibility for anything that happens to a child in or out of the working area.
    • We insist that our products are not touched by the public. This makes sure that our health and safety policy is maintained.
    • The behaviour and safety of waiting children will be the responsibility of their parents or carer’s at any event.
    • Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not accept liability/ responsibility for any loss or damage to property or persons whilst being face painted/ glitter tattooed whilst waiting/ watching in or out of the working area.
    • Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not accept liability/ responsibility for damage to clothing due to our products. Some brands may stain clothes.
    • Elemental Artistry - Fun 2 C Faces– Li Priest/ artists   will not paint any child under the age of 16 without the permission of an adult aged 18 years or above. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years and older.

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